Cabin Fever

by Side Effect

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This is Side Effect's 4th album released in 2010 on Karma Response Unit Records.

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released May 25, 2010

Written by Side Effect
Additional lyrics by Jake Lefco and Scandal of 40D
Produced by Happ G



all rights reserved


Side Effect Austin, Texas

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Track Name: The Fever

It’s da fever, it’s we infected with rage
Look craze everytime we go and step on the stage
And you cant be saved and we cant protect you
Get away if you stay we’ll infect ---you--- too!!


It was 1985 when I first got bit
And it was done so subtle I aint even feel shit
When beats start bumpin, my knee starts jumpin
My Head starts noddin, I know I got a problem
Maybe this is airborn I don’t know I’m unsure
All I know I got somethin they don’t have a cure for
So many layers to this shit its complex
So watch ya bul Side break down the effects
First things first this lifestyle is dangerous
Aint too many people out there that’s really made for this
Yall must not know or either underestimate
The power of this music and the energy it generates
I seen fans get buck throwin bo’s
Then Seen them same fans get trampled at shows
Wires short circuit, then speakers blew out
5-0 came in, said fuck it move out
change they minds, I seen cats change they rhymes
just so they ass won’t get outshined
online wack rappers put music out easily
Unreleased albums get downloaded illegally
Records get sampled and used without permission
Da illest mc’s rarely get recognition
A&R’s get stomped out every second
Pussy play my record DJ’s get threatened
I seen Gays and women get disrespected
Da same time a black president got elected
This hip hop thang got so much power
Diss records get exchanged in a matter of hours
Fashions switch soon as somebody fly rock it
Pass da Courvoiseur, stock skyrocket
Viral marketing, clever Product placement
Multi-platinum records get recorded in a basement
Independent labels, bypass the majors
Fuck ya percentage, you’ll get yours later
It’s becoming the normal situation
Cats become millionaires with no formal education
They make it rain on strippers wit they cheddar
I Seen’em go broke cause they thought it’d last forever
Always seein rappers get caught up
Babies out of wedlock, rape charges brought up
It’s rebel music roadblocks get ran through
On the run, make it stop?, we don’t have a plan to
Gun charge, rapper caught wit a foe pound
Fires get started, scaffolds get tore down
That mighta worked in other cities don’t try it here
The cop said that then broke out the riot gear
It’s da fever, fly sneakers and name brands
Game plans where millions of dollars exchange hands
As quick as you upload it they download it
Obviously, laws can’t keep up with da technology
Everyones a producer or a rapper
fans got they camera phones out ready to capture
you doin something you aint got no business doin
found out you on the down low now ya whole career ruined
rappers go to jail and they record sales go up
street cred through the roof come home and blow up
shoot somebody, get shot it’s whatever
who the best rapper debates go on forever
at da nightclub last week they just opened
threw on Ante Up now they havin a grand closing
cause muphukas don’t know how to act
its deeper than hip hop its deeper than rap
media look at us and turn they nose up
but we aint have no say in this, this life chose us
it’s da fever!!

Written And Performed by Side Effect for Whitmore Skillz Music. Copyright (2010).
Track Name: Oooh

I don’t know what it is you do
Everytime I see you you make me go ooooh

And All my homies say the same thing too
When you come around you make me go oooooh

Verse 1:

I met this woman named Kidada
Hot like Nevada
Mudda and fadda, they from Grenada
She from Miami, sweet like candy
I met her while on vacation with the family
She was in the club, busy windin it up
Im grindin on her butt, like I’m tryin to fuck
They changed the music up, Im like there nothing tween us
I like Chaka Kahn, she like Chaka Demus
She got her money right, dunny, Honey is live
Shorty is forty got a body like she 25
(She got) a fly whip, (She got) one kid, (She got) 2 cribs
you know I’m tryna hit
but she don’t take no shit, she let it be known
I aintcha lil young jawn babyboy I’m grown
So come correct, this is, what I expect
I want a man who got it poppin not a fix up project

Verse 2:

I say gotdamn, her body bang mane I can’t explain
She so fine she make you use the lord name in vain
She so fine, have you haul off and slap yo mama
she so fine, have yo ass in all kinds of drama
and you’ll do it too if not she’ll find another sucka
translation infatuation’s a muphuka
she got dat wild curly hair dat got Effect hook
It dry to da bone but it still got a wet look
I’ont know how she do it, yes its crazy yo
She work it gotta perfect ass to breast ratio
From mad cardio, pelvic lifts and squat thrusts
I love it, have a hard time convincing yall its not lust
Dats because it is, she put roots on me
Not da rap group she put dat big caboose on me
Sat it on my lap and just like dat I’m sprung
Have a grown man in the corner suckin his thumb

Verse 3:

They say for every fine woman there’s a man somewhere tired of her
But not for this chick somebody musta lied to ya
You just mad cause you aint get her
Every woman wanna be her, every man wanna be wit her
I heard it ain’t trickin it you got it
Well, I aint got it, but she do
You want dat? I’ll treat you
dats’ what she said and like that it’s been bought
she too kind, to say no would be an insult
ok suga mama I ain’t lookin for no drama
maybe wine and dine ya sometimes and put ya legs behind ya
I’m tryna stick around which girl and work a plan
I know you tired of them dudes dat aint worth a damn

Written And Performed by Side Effect for Whitmore Skillz Music. Copyright (2010).
Track Name: Warm Summer Breeze

I Seen many late nights turn into early mornins
Ears ringin stumbling out the nightclub yawnin
Give pounds to my crew yo its been real
Cd’s in my hand mad flyers on my windshield
Summer breeze feels good when it blows thru
Outside laughin t-shirt soaked thru
Feel inspired I’ma go home and write rhymes
Hip hop memories like this last a lifetime

Verse 1:

I heard about ya show yo sorry I missed it
Without getting too specific, my priorities have shifted
Don’t get it twisted I still like to see a dj rip it
Hear a mc spit it, drink a beer and kick it
I would collect all your stickers and ya freebies
Buyin up all your lil independent cd’s
My whole life would revolve around the underground
Oh my God De La Soul and M.O.P are comin to town
I gotta get my ticket, I would go bezerk
New sneakers new shirt, call out from work
Hit my boys up, and we would go park
Line up at the venue hours ‘for the show start
Spark a L, start a cipher out in the cold
Hit da merch booth and stole the snipes off the poles
Take it home and put it up on my wall
Its strange how things change I don’t do that no more

Verse 2:

It use to be so easy, what we make it hard for
Innocent wit it, I aint even know what bars were
I would just write until the rhyme felt right
40 bar verses, but it sounded tight
stayin up late on warm summer nights
that’s what this beat makes me feel like
before real life interfered,
I would spend mad hours digging through the cd’s up in Tower
Go home and sample it maybe make a beat from it
Doin for the love I wasn’t even tryna eat from it
I did it for the respect of my click
And the feelin when they played my cassette in they whip
Ridin thru the hood windows down with the bass blastin
Lookin at faces hopin to see a reaction
Cause if they did I would feel so flattered
Made me feel like nothing else in the world even mattered

Verse 3:

Back in 95, I was on my grind yo
Got cool wit EST from Three Times Dope
Our girlfriends both went to Dell State
So we hopped in the whip and he popped in the tape
Playin me exclusive shit nobody ever heard
but now the writin hits for Beyonce word
before that I was rockin over instrumentals
14 ridin in a limo with my demo
met brother J, and professor x from x-clan
they prolly laughed at my tape my shit was wack man
what I know I’s just a youngbul perfectin my flow
me and J-smoove rockin lil shows
at the philly uptown before that shit got shut down
opened up for UltraMagnetic and the UMC’s
I forgot that even happened till I wrote this rhyme
Hip hop memories last a lifetime

Written And Performed by Side Effect for Whitmore Skillz Music. Copyright (2010).
Track Name: Gone Like the 80's (feat. Jake Lefco)
What happened to ya rappin yous’a word play assassin
now they say you lackin Passion dude I heard they was laughin
snappin jokes on you crackin actin up makin fun of ya
use to flow like Punisha now they shunning & sonnin ya
legendary status on this rappin apparatus
made classics had the baddest bitches on you nothing average
had Gucci mad Polo left ya group and went solo
out west and bought a Lolo yo ya flow lost its Mojo
can’t get it back, ya man made ya track
damn it was wack, examine the fact, ya plan of attack
man it’s over, ya washed up like a loofa leave this to the youtha
take a booster find yaself a new produca
do something, hate to see my idol
who was vital lose his title feel stifled take rifle then he might go suicidal
you was da bomb in ya prime
if you wants to climb, adjust wit da times, switch it up like Busta Rhymes


You da past bruh, gone like da 80’s
Ya sound is outdated overrated can’t debate it
You da past bruh, gone like da 80’s
Ya Crazy flow got lazy leave this to the babies

Gone like the 80’s
Da 80’s!!!

(Jake Lefco Verse:)


Side Verse 2:

Dude you can
still show & prove with these young mc’s bust a move
aint no need to sound like you just stepped out of Krush groove
or Wildstyle, you use to have a wildstyle graphic
metaphors mastered plastered wit mad multisyllabic (4)
type flows futuristic before ya time existed
the rawest rhyme ya twisted word wizardry lyrical calligraphy
I find it so suitable and useful
too be truthful
this music keeps me beautiful and youthful

(Jake Lefco Verse 2:)


Written and Performed by Side Effect and Jake Lefco