Flyest On Papyrus

by Side Effect

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The great thing about being an independent artist is you can put out music whenever you feel like it. I decided to put this EP out on a Friday, and it was on sale on here and iTunes(coming soon) on a Saturday.

This EP consists of 5 bangers I've recorded since relocating down to Austin, TX. I like them, they sound good in the whip, so I think you'll like them too.

This EP also comes with a few hidden bonus tracks too! So please support the cause, enjoy the music, and I promise to drop some more heat for you in a minute.



Check out the video for the song "CYBER BULLY" right here--->>


released March 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Side Effect Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Doin It

I’m doin it, everyday I’m doin it
Do it wit a passion you can tell I aint new to it
Got your attention, people lookin like who this kid
Now I’ma turn it up a bit I hope you cool wit it

Cause everyday I’m doin it, everyday I’m doin it
Do it wit a passion you can tell I aint new to it
Is You talkin bout it homeboy or you pursuin it
Getcha mind right da times right to start doin it

Verse 1:

I seen my homie made bail
He said his worst day on the street is still better than his best day in jail
And That’s deep for those who still in the field
Claim they got drive but they asleep at the wheel
And that machine behind ya aint gone steer itself
if you’s a lost artist still tryna find yaself
ya change ya mind if you saw what they do
In this rap game you prolly rather fight dogs for food
That’s if you hungry, meal is cold and lumpy
My audience was Grown and sexy, now they old and grumpy
Here hold this money it’ll burn up in my hand
Knowin damn well if you take it then you’ll turn up in the sand
And I aint talkin at the beach neither
Each heater work the city like a city worker I’ma street sweeper
Where I’m from the DJ’s dig in the crates hard
And Where You from the DJ’s just hit the space bar

Verse 2:

And now that I’m doin it recognize a dude spittin proper
Watchin my moves like a mystery shopper
They ask What is he doin lyrically that’s such a shocker
I don’t know it’s hard to say he just Inexplicably hotter
My Style is so simple yet profound
Put a dimple in ya smile flipped it round from a frown
Underground be my sound, I Get it from the block
Walk wit me I’ll Improve ya flow like diabetic sox
Ya girl busy braggin he a dreamboat
Till I stepped in the ring like ricky the dragon steamboat
Boomin out the Speaker I’m the keynote
Go head and Diss you’ll get piss on ya peacoat
Puttin on a instrumental of ya beat
Is like puttin a sharp object in a mental patients reach
Microphone I’m grabbin, stabbin, Something gone happen
Involving a Ambulance and the back of a paddy wagon

Verse 3:

I admire those who take time to smell the roses
Appreciate the small things folks don’t even notice
Take life in small doses and live in the moments
And stay focus they profess it, they say it, they own it
Unlike us see we Just got paid today
And already thinking bout a check that’s 2 weeks away
I always wished I could be rappin for employment
To busy stressing over life to actually enjoy it
They Say they love ya music but you never hear’em qoute you
They always online but you never see’em promote you
It’s the art of it they only support it when they a part of it
Can’t afford my verses and it’s kinda hard to barter it
my prices are moderate, well within ya budget
Satisfaction guaranteed I tell they gone love it
When they hear it some gone buy the rest’ll burn and dub it
My stock still private imagine when I go public…it’s on!!

Written And Performed by Side Effect for Whitmore Skillz Music. Copyright (2011).
Track Name: A Time Before Crack

I’m a throwback to real mc’s a rare species
Parents talk about me, but they kids aint never see me
A time before crack, yeah I rhymed before that
Connosieur of fine rap I never signed no contract
What they doin nowadays I ain’t gotta do dat
My position is solidified, who dat spittin Side?
Yeah it is, Urban legend wit the words I’m spreadin
Heard’em reppin killin it da microphone’s my murder weapon

Verse 1:

The real Side Effect that’s who Terrence Wood is
only video they got of me is old shakey footage
Some Bad lighting, UFO type sighting
Couple rare records that collectors find so exciting
Like a rare Verve, I pair words that air herbs
Da fuck out dats my routine along my daily route
I moved to the south brought my Philly style wit me
Soaked up they game and spit it back at’em quickly
Memorize it kids like it and they quote it
recite it? shit I can’t even tell you when I wrote
I spit it I forget it a present wrap it and I gift it
Gifted with the rapping flow is too futuristic
Take da new school twist it wit old school and bridge it
rare and exquisite let's compare specifics
there's More to this than just bein a Lucky bastard
Why producers waist dem hot beats on dem sucky rappers

Verse 2:

I’m a, Industry standard, In da street standin
They dig it , I’m Indignant ignant and well mannered
Tell Terrence, the voice of the customer
Choice hustler buy low sell high
they buy dro and sell it high
smoking up they own supply
Knowledge me zero tolerance is my policy
Low volume high mix
We do Quality over quantity
We on time independent autonomy
All kinda heat be flowin through my supply chain
From the start they benchmark my marketing campaign
Got da wildest shit, doin SWOT anaysis tryna find my weakness
My Product uniqueness
Business never personal I’ma need a profit
and friends are only good as the money in your pocket
Buddy yes when Puffy was workin for Dougie Fresh
Side flow da ugliest leave this bitch a bloody mess

Verse 3:

back wit this accurate boom bapulance
Auto-tune automatic tune out da wackest shit
Selective hearing, the new rappers suck
But these is your kids, somewhere down the line you fucked up
Shoulda raised them better, maybe you shoulda beat’em
They Writin rhymes dissin rappers thinking they won't meet’em.........

Written And Performed by Side Effect for Whitmore Skillz Music. Copyright (2011).
Track Name: Cheaper To Keep Her

You keep looking for mess, your gonna find it
Obviously yo ass need to be reminded
Sunglasses for these dumb asses why kid?
It’s like this….The pussy got you blinded
I know you said you don’t need her, but you gone learn da hardway it’s cheaper to keep her
I know you said you don’t need her, but you gone learn da hardway dog it’s cheaper to keep her
Believe her

Verse 1:

you one dem dudes, dick got da best of ya
No self control, pussy be da death of ya
Got a good woman at the rest who never stressing ya
Die for ya literally she take her last breath for ya
That’s all good but it’s still aint good enough
Livin in the past thinking bout girls you coulda fucked
Before he met his wife, his life was ridiculous
He Hangin wit his niggas, menage a trois wit strippers
Since he was raised by his mother and his sisters
Found a girl like mama & made her his Mrs.
Two years later he started getting the itches
Not venereal but clearly from the sight of other bitches
At work they hired This lil admin assistant
Bad as shit even placed her da man’s division
Yella girl, his weakness either them or puerto Rican
Young jawn turned on by his status and position
A jerk face inappropriate in the work place
Sexually harassing chicks perpetually an ass and shit
That was his rep there but shorty to young to care
Fast forward to the telly now she in her underwear
homie was drinkin, aint know they’d go this far
Horny not thinking put the room on his credit card
Try to forget it course he aint gonna say shit
Month later caught his wife lookin at the bank statement

Verse 2:

old school playa please step up ya game
This ain’t the 90’s dog mein shit ain’t the same
You creepin tween da sheets you gotta be more discreet
In the streets like Lawrence make sure ya covers deep
these phones is smarter than you is just admit it
Ya business getting Twitted before you even did it
Ya Ain’t even do it, just guilty by association
In the vicinity, filthy no negotiation
Got dirt on you can’t get it off
Shorty was flirtin wit you now you Trickin off
Thinkin to yaself Damn this chick is soft
Had da wedding band on man and quickly slipped it off
Tryna be slick n shit can be very ill
Took Ridge hit da bridge across to cherry hill
Thinking nobody’ll see us over here
Till some dumb youngbul crashed into you from the rear
Air bags deployed, nose all busted
Blood on ya clothes, ya hoes all cussin
Tryna smooth it over tryna settle outta court
Cop showed up too fast filling out da report
Calling ambulances, just doin his duty
All this just cause you tryna get some new booty
Tryin to avoid callin ya wife at 12:30
first thing out her mouth, da fuck you doin in Jersey?

Written And Performed by Side Effect for Whitmore Skillz Music. Copyright (2011).
Track Name: Cyber Bully
Written by Side Effect