The Whole World's Watching

by Dumhi feat. Side Effect



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released April 14, 2011



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Side Effect Austin, Texas

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Track Name: "The Demo"--Dumhi feat. Side Effect
Verse 1:

Please listen to my demo
Its hardly wack Charlie mack first out da limo
dats who I’m tryna be, but if you just would sign me
And Bind me and Put a lil tour support behind me
I’d be elated, greatly appreciate it
My mama’ll see I made it and finally up out her basement
Repeat dat, statement, publishin? keep dat
whatever I just wanna make da music
so pass my advance for them 45 g’s to the dealer I’ll take that Q45 please
rolled off da lot then I turned up the speaker
just got my beeper I was hot for Nesheba
pulled up on her block round 48th & Cedar
da way her jaws drop when she saw me you shoulda seen’er
now I’m Hood famous, ghetto celebrity
street certified don’t know how nothing better could be
3 dukie ropes paid in full check my melody
Moet chandon eatin da finest delicassy
La Coq Sportif sweatsuit gold teeth,
Homies I grew up wit all a sudden got more beef
they think I got it so they, Runnin they mouth,
on da low I got some doe but dat doe is runnin out
my Kids lookin at me like what we doin daddy, whats da next step
I went gold but I aint seen a check yet


This what da game’ll do, you aint da same dude
That you came in as, they gone gone play yo ass
What Jay say you are who you are playa
A rappers career is shorter than a ball player
What you say, I said less than a ball playa
Getcha money fast, less than a ball playa
Like a dope dealer get in and get out
Stay too long ya plan might not pan out

Verse 2:

I Learn da hardway da bruise & scar way
Da Up and down da boulevard way
Da night on broadway
Watchin chicken strip eatin chicken strips wit honey mustard
Feelin funny trickin money leavin wit my pockets busted
Had me stuck and my bidness savvy suck
Told da label ante up I’m gone get me a caddy truck
I aint know da more I borrowed da more I owed
They a label not a bank dats what I think so I’m told
Shoulda stayed in school and went to college when I finished
An investment in knowledge always pay da best interest
Dats what my mama used to say but I aint listen
I was real good at addin, now I’m learnin bout division
cause walkin way wit 10% aint really livin
especially when I gotta go back to the same conditions
in da hood its kinda hard to step back in the bar
when ya stomping ground was gladwyn and bryn mawr
from the looks it seem my hood rep been marred
da ones I thought was peeps said delete’em off da sim card
I ain’t know there was a White deal and black deal,
But now I kinda know how people on crack feel


Written And Performed by Side Effect for Whitmore Skillz Music. Copyright (2011).
Track Name: Dumhi feat. King Magnetic, Side Effect, & Elucid - "Double Your Money"--Dumhi feat. King Magnetic, Side Effect, & Elucid
Written by King Magnetic, Side Effect, & Elucid