Humble Yourself

by Happ G (feat. Side Effect)



from the EP "Half Dozen" by Happ G on Karma Response Unit Records. Available for purchase at

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The first time I met Happ G was back around 2002-2003 in Philly at a spot called Latazza that used to be on Chestnut Street. Happ and I used to get booked on the same underground hip hop shows that were taking place around that time and that's how we ended up meeting each other. At that time I was doing shows with M.Ski and Happ was performing with Scandal as the group 40th Dimension. Eventually, Happ started throwing his own Karma Response Unit Record shows at Latazza and invited me to perform at his shows a few times. We then became friends and started recording songs together for creativity sake. I went to Happ's crib in South Philly and he sent me home with a handful of beats. Soon after, I came back with four songs written and this was one of them. I remember we recorded this in Greg Smith's studio apartment somewhere downtown. This beat is a remixed version of the song, but these are still the original vocals. I think this is my favorite version of the two, but maybe we'll release the original version one day. I was basically rapping about how other artist come to shows with their squad, and then perform and leave without supporting their fellow artists. I always thought that was wack and lacked professionalism. Happ G released this song on his Half Dozen EP, make sure you go to iTunes and support the project!


Written by Side Effect


released December 14, 2010
Produced by Happ G
Mixed by Greg Smith



all rights reserved


Side Effect Austin, Texas

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