"Krush University" (feat. Side Effect, Biz Mighty, Brainstorm, Havok, & Freestyle from The Arsonists) from the album "Trojan Horse" by Snowgoons.
Available for purchase at www.undergroundhiphop.com/store/detail.asp?=Snowgoons-Block-McCloud-Buckshot-Heltah-Skeltah-La-Coka-Nostra-Outerspace-Reef-Reks-The-Trojan-Horse-ihiphop-Distribution&UPC=IHI020CD and itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-trojan-horse/id334256085

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Side Effect Verse:

I’m on my Philly shit Krush Unit gang is who I represent
See we the truth and that shit is self-evident
Like God said it, german lugers give you shots like a diabetic
That’ll have you pissin like a diuretic
I said it, for these dudes that rap and dance
I’m a beast see dat shit aint by happenstance
I spit lectures rich wit texture
Get extra, I’ll chop yo ass up like Dexter
You don’t wanna fuck wit us we get gritty
Pull up to ya bus yellin stay above 50
What you promote? we don’t care if ya CD dope
Nope, I Throw dat bitch thru ya TV like a Wii remote
Ya shits deplorable, matter fact its horrible
Compared to us we call it cute rap, its adorable
your like a car leakin gas for 2 miles
And we just dropped a match

Written And Performed by Side Effect for Whitmore Skillz Music. Copyright (2009).

Written by Side Effect, Biz Mighty, Brainstorm, Havok, & Freestyle from The Arsonists


released October 27, 2009
Produced by Snowgoons



all rights reserved


Side Effect Austin, Texas

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