"Runaway"​-​-​Planetary (Outerspace​/​AOTP) feat. Side Effect

by Planetary feat. Side Effect

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Freestyle feat. Planetary (Outerspace) & Side Effect

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I think the first time I met Planet and Crypt was through my bro Stress the White Boy. I think he started producing and recording with them somewhere around '05-'06. I'm a OS fan and whenever I would see them out at shows or parties it was always love. I think Planet was working on a mixtape called Animal Planet some time before My Brother's Keeper dropped. He sent me this Kanye beat and asked me if I wanted to spit on it. We used to live in the same neighborhood so we linked up and recorded this freestyle at my crib. I'm not sure if Plan is still going to drop that mixtape, but I think this joint came out dope. Shout out to OS and AOTP.


Side Effect Verse:

I’m in a love hate relationship, its mentally abusive
And Sometimes its physical, pitiful excuses
A glutton for punishment, I can’t walk away from it
Deny I’m addicted to it, still everyday I want it
I think I picked up da pen in 87
Took the ghetto hell that I was livin in and made it heaven
Wasn’t actin right was the acolyte for da reverend
Lit the candles simulataneously a fire startin spreadin
In 2011 I’m livin, breathin, and reppin
I’m givin without rememberin, receive without forgettin
Then I’m, laughin at’em while they waistin time battle rappin,
tryna get it crackin yeah right like that’ll happen
you sound rusty I don’t mean to embarrass ya
Put in work trust me cause suffering breeds character
a secret society he said Side I feel ya
I said no you don’t, cause if you did I’d have to kill ya
Wanna know da elements on how to stay relevant
Hard beats don’t make up for soft rhymes dats delicate
I’m cut from a different cloth told you on dat otha song
And trust me dats a thread you don’t wanna start pullin on
once it unravels it tangles and then it strangles you
caught up in the web, tarantula rap fangs in you
I love this game dats why I can’t walk away from you
we whole different kinda rapper niggaz
aint da same as you!

Written by Side Effect for Whitmore Skillz Music. Copyright 2011.


released May 1, 2011




Side Effect Austin, Texas

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