Thurlest Bul

by Happ G (feat. Side Effect)



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This was one of the last songs Happ G and I recorded when we were working on the "Cabin fever" album. I actually recorded these vocals to a different beat so this is the remixed version. Happ decided to use it on his "7 Touches" EP cause it fit on there nicely. If you wanna get technical, "Thurlest Bul" is just Philly slang for "Thoroughest Boy", but that doesn't sound right. That would be like naming Marvin Gay's song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", "There Is No Mountain High Enough", just doesn't roll off the tongue the same. I actually like this song alot, I like alot of the lines I spit on this one. "Ebonically speaking, this the way it's done/the thurlest bul I speak fluent in my Native Tongue/and I ain't talkin Queen Latifah and the Jungle Brothers/but on this beat I'm a beast I'm a Muph*ka!" The rest of this "7 Touches" EP is real dope too, go check it out. We shot a video for this song, just gotta edit it together, it will be up on Youtube soon.


Verse 1:

Live fly get money is my stature
Spent one too many years tryna be a backpacker, I
got a wife I got kids to look after
Can’t survive off da income of a underground rapper, I
Diversify, I buy shirts and ties for work
Cant have my kids lookin at me through hurt eyes
They need school supplies, at church I pay tithes
And pray God help me hold it all together, I’m a man yall
Understand all things work together
Am I old, nah I’m just old enough to know better
Wont make dumb decisions, blessed to be in this position
Think before I speak & calculate my moves with precision
In the lab mixin words like chemicals
Original, ain’t nothing heard identical
These raps are conversation pieces, ice breakers
They prolly get you pussy you recite’em right playas


I’m cut from a different cloth sewn wit a unique pattern
Broke da mold from da way dat da bass rattlin
I be da same cat dat ya girl adore
You say Who dat? she say da thurlest bul
Better play back da tapes and do da knowledge
From da gate stayed great and kept a flow so polished
See I can go all around the world and tour
Come home, still be the thurlest bul

Verse 2:

Ebonically speaking, this the way its done
Da thirlest bul, I speak fluent in my native tongue
And I aint talking Queen Latifah and the Jungle Brothers
But on these beats I’m a beast I’ma muthuphuka
This hip hop grew up with me like a sibling
Livin in the same room bein bad getting whippins
And now we grown at da bar straight sippin
In the club chicks strippin to our music big pimpin
Back in the days we would hit the upper deck up
My herringbone chain got twisted, cut my neck up
Shorty act stuck up tryna get at my money
Told her be sweet you catch more flies wit honey
I just want to give the sista a hard fuck
I knew her when she was a barista at the starbucks
She just laugh and said don’t worry boo I got this
recession had her goin from jobless to topless


Verse 3:

My words merge wit the hook so freely
You can hear what I write it’s like a book on CD
Self published autobiographical
You call it hip hop but I call it classical
Cause all I know how to make is make classics
Listen to you rap I’d rather walk into traffic
Oncoming, my mama thought I was on something
Just to hit the record store I would pawn something
Prolly still will, I gotta ill skill
I’m just tryna get dat cream dolla dolla bill
You claim you kill? Dats da truth huh
seen real tears roll over ya tattoo ones
sell dat to somebody who buyin
cause I aint in the market, I pull up and I park it
I be da thurlest bul cats give me the right of way
big pair of balls hangin down by my license plate


Written and Performed by Side Effect

Copyright: Whitmore Skillz Music (2010)


released April 20, 2010
Produced by Happ G



all rights reserved


Side Effect Austin, Texas

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